Maryland State Senators 2022

Maryland state senators are up for reelection in 2022, and there are a number of important races to watch. Here’s a look at the candidates and what they stand for.


Maryland State Senators have long been leaders in the state legislature. They are responsible for passing legislation and setting the agenda for the state government.

Some of the most important leadership roles that Maryland state senators have played include sponsoring landmark legislation such as Maryland’s Dream Act and the Gun Safety Act. They have also been key players in negotiations with the federal government on a number of issues, including health care reform and gun control.

In addition to their legislative work, Maryland state senators are also active volunteers. They often give back to their communities by serving on boards and committees or working on projects that benefit their constituents.

Overall, Maryland state senators are highly respected leaders in the state legislature. They are responsible for setting the agenda and passing important legislation, as well as volunteering their time to help their community.

The Political landscape

Maryland state senators are some of the most powerful people in the state. They make important decisions that impact the lives of residents across Maryland.

There are 34 state senators in Maryland, and they are responsible for passing or killing legislation in the state senate. They also have a lot of power to influence the political landscape in Maryland.

State senators serve four-year terms, and they can run for re-election at any time during those terms. This means that they have a lot of power to stay in office and keep making decisions that impact the lives of Maryland residents.


Maryland state senators are currently debating a bill that would legalize the use of cannabis oil for treating patients with epilepsy. If passed, this bill would be the first of its kind in the US.

The proposed law would allow children under the age of 18 to use cannabis oil with a doctor’s permission. It would also allow adults aged 18 and older to possess up to 2 ounces (60 milliliters) of cannabis oil, provided it is obtained from a certified dispensary.

If passed, this bill would be a major step forward for the treatment of epilepsy. Many people believe that cannabis oil is a safer alternative to traditional drugs like prescription medications.

State senators are currently debating the proposed law. If it is passed, it will become law in Maryland.

The Budget Process

1. Maryland state senators play an important role in the budget process.

The budget process begins with the introduction of a bill, or resolution, by a state senator. This bill sets forth the general fund priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. After the resolution is introduced, it goes through a series of hearings and debates in the Senate Finance Committee. The committee then votes on whether to send the bill to the full Senate for a vote. A majority of votes in the Senate is needed to pass a bill.

If the budget resolution is passed by the Senate, it goes to the House of Delegates for a vote. The House of Delegates can amend the budget resolution before sending it back to the Senate for another vote. If the House of Delegates approves the budget resolution, it goes to Governor Larry Hogan for his signature. If Governor Hogan vetoes the budget resolution, it will still go into effect based on whether there is a two-thirds majority in both houses of the legislature (the House and Senate).

2. Maryland state senators are responsible for approving or rejecting bills that affect their constituents’ budgets.

Although state senators do not have direct control over individual appropriations bills, they play an important role in the budget process by approving or rejecting bills that affect their constituents’ budgets. If a state senator does not support a budget resolution, it is more difficult for the resolution to pass in the Senate.

Appropriations Committee

One of the most important committees in the Maryland state Senate is the Appropriations Committee. This committee is responsible for setting the budget for all of the different departments in the state government.

The Appropriations Committee is made up of 13 state senators, who are responsible for allocating money to different departments in the state government. They also have authority over how much money is given to each department and how it is spent.

The Appropriations Committee has a lot of power when it comes to budgeting and regulating the state government. They are able to decide which programs will be funded and which ones will be cut. They also have the power to change or repeal laws that are passed by the legislature.

Because of their influential position, it is essential that members of the Appropriations Committee are well-versed in fiscal matters and have a deep understanding of how government works. If they don’t, they could end up making disastrous decisions that would have far-reaching consequences for Maryland taxpayers.

The Maryland General Assembly

U.S. state of Maryland’s unicameral legislature, the General Assembly. It consists of 100 members with each member representing a specific district with a roughly equal population. There is a capitol building in Annapolis for the organization to convene in.

The Maryland General Assembly was created in 1816 and has had a Democratic majority since then. The most recent elections took place on November 3, 2018, and the Democrats gained 28 seats in the House of Delegates, giving them control of both chambers for the first time since 2007. This gives them greater control over policy-making in Maryland and could lead to more progressive legislation being passed.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a State of the State Address from Maryland’s senators, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty going on in Annapolis. In fact, there have been quite a few 2020 candidates vying for office and some big announcements made this year. So, to help you keep up with all the goings-on in Annapolis, here is our roundup of what we know so far about the state of Maryland’s senate 2022. Be sure to check back soon as more information becomes available!