New Jersey State Senators 2022

With the November 2022 election fast approaching, is taking a look at the possible candidates for State Senate in New Jersey. The article provides a brief overview of each candidate, including their backgrounds and positions on key issues. If you’re interested in voting in this year’s midterm elections, be sure to check out the website to learn more about who to support!

The Senate of New Jersey

The New Jersey Legislature’s upper chamber, the Senate, consists of 33 members who represent New Jersey’s legislative districts. It meets in the New Jersey State House.

The Senate is responsible for passing laws and setting budgets for the state government. It also has the power to investigate and hold hearings on matters of public interest. The Senate also has the power to veto bills passed by the lower chamber, the Assembly.

The Current Political Climate in New Jersey

The current political climate in New Jersey is very tense. The state has been divided into two camps since the presidential election. One camp supports President Donald Trump and his policies, while the other camp opposes them. This divide has led to several skirmishes between the two camps.

One example of this tension was seen on December 12th. This was the day that a group of state senators from New Jersey went to Washington, D.C. to meet with representatives from the Trump administration. However, their trip was not a success. The group was met with resistance from members of the other camp who staged a protest outside of the meeting.

This political climate is not likely to improve anytime soon. The divide between the two camps is likely to continue until one side or the other prevails.

The Election in New Jersey

On November 8th, the residents of New Jersey went to the polls to choose their representatives in the state legislature. The election was a closely contested race, with both candidates receiving a number of votes from across the state. In the end, the winners of the election were two new state senators- one from each party.

The newly-elected state senators will now have a major role in shaping New Jersey’s future. They will be responsible for deciding which policies will be put into place and who will be appointed to key positions in the government. They also have the power to veto bills that are passed by the legislature.

This election was a key milestone in New Jersey’s history. It showed how important it is for residents to have their voices heard through their elected representatives.

The Political Parties in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are three main political parties: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Libertarian Party.

Each party has its own platform and goals. The Democratic Party focuses on issues like education and health care. The Republican Party is focused on issues like taxes and the economy. The Libertarian Party is focused on issues like freedom and liberty.

New Jersey is a very politically active state. Each year, there are several major elections in New Jersey. These elections include governor, lieutenant governor, state senators, and representatives in the United States Congress.

The Issues in the Election in New Jersey

In the recent election in New Jersey, there were a number of important issues that came up. Here are a few of the key issues that were discussed: taxes, education, healthcare, and crime.

Taxes were a major issue in the election. Republican candidates campaigned on the promise of lower taxes, while Democrats argued that higher taxes would help to improve the state’s economy. Ultimately, neither party was able to deliver on their promises. However, both sides recognized that tax reform is necessary for the state’s long-term prosperity.

Education was also a major issue in the election. Both parties agreed that New Jersey’s schools need improvement, but they differed on how to do this. Republicans argued that the state should spend more money on charter schools, while Democrats said that traditional public schools are the best option. Ultimately, neither side was able to convince voters to change their stance on education.

Healthcare was another major issue in the election. Democratic candidates focused on plans to expand Medicaid eligibility and create a universal healthcare system, while Republicans argued for more conservative solutions like allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. Ultimately, neither side was able to gain an advantage over the other on this topic either.

The crime was another major issue in the election. Both parties campaigned on promises to reduce crime rates but differed on how to do this. Republicans argued for tougher prison sentences and increased police patrols, while Democrats said that better social programs are the key to reducing crime rates. Ultimately, neither side was able to convince voters to change their opinion on crime.

The Candidates Running for Office in New Jersey

There are a number of candidates running for office in New Jersey this year. Here is a list of all the candidates who are running for Senate in the State of New Jersey:

Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Bob Hugin (R-NJ)
Chris Smith (R-NJ)
Eliot Engel (D-NY)
Jim Johnson (D-NJ)
Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ)
Ron Rice (R-NJ)


With the New Jersey Senate elections coming up soon, it’s important to know who your state Senators are. In this article, we provided you with a brief overview of each state Senator and what their platform is. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision when voting on November 3rd.