Ron DeSantis Campaign

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What is Ron DeSantis’s campaign about?

Ron DeSantis is running for governor of Florida. He is a Republican and businessman who has been campaigning on a platform of cutting taxes, improving education, and creating more jobs.

Ron DeSantis is a businessman and Republican who has been campaigning on a platform of cutting taxes, improving education, and creating more jobs. He has said that his priority is to make Florida “a model for the rest of the country.”

How does Ron Desantis compare to other Republicans in the race for Governor?

Ron Desantis is one of the most conservative Republicans running for Governor this year. He is against gun regulation and has called for cuts to social programs. He also supports privatizing the state’s education system.

Other Republican candidates in the race for Governor include Adam Putnam and Rick Scott. Putnam is more moderate and has supported gun regulation, while Scott is more conservative and supports cuts to social programs.

What are Ron DeSantis’s policies on taxes, education, and healthcare?

Ron DeSantis is a conservative candidate for Florida governor and has made evident his policies on taxes, education, and healthcare. On taxes, Ron DeSantis has vowed to lower the state income tax rate from 6.6% to 4.95%, which would benefit businesses and individuals alike. Additionally, he supports repealing the estate tax and cutting business taxes in order to create more jobs in Florida. In education, Ron DeSantis plans to invest $1 billion over the next 10 years into new private-sector college scholarships and vocational training programs to help students from low-income families afford college tuition. He also opposes Common Core and wants to give parents more control over their children’s education by giving them vouchers for private schools. Regarding healthcare, Ron DeSantis wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a plan that provides more choice for patients, allows for insurance companies to sell across state lines, and eliminates taxes on health care products.

What are Ron DeSantis’s stances on crime and the Second Amendment?

Ron Desantis is a candidate for Governor of Florida and has been vocal about his stances on crime and the Second Amendment.
Desantis has consistently spoken out against gun control measures and supports the right to bear arms.
In an interview with Fox News, Desantis said that he opposes any form of gun control, including universal background checks.
“Universal background checks are a way to take away people’s guns without due process,” Desantis said. “I don’t think that’s constitutional or responsible policymaking. I would oppose anything that would infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights.”
Desantis also stated that he supports the repeal of Florida’s “assault weapon” ban, which was signed into law by former Governor Jeb Bush in 2004.

Ron Desantis is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and believes that gun control measures are unconstitutional and wrongheaded policymaking.

He supports the repeal of Florida’s “assault weapon” ban and opposes any form of gun control.

Why is Ron Desantis popular with voters in Florida?

Ron Desantis is popular with voters in Florida because he is a conservative who will stand up to the left. He has a history of fighting for the people of Florida and is committed to improving the state’s economy. He is also a veterans’ advocate and will work to improve access to mental health care and education for veterans.

Ron Desantis is a proven leader and will make a great governor of Florida. He is the right choice for voters in this state and will continue to make improvements in the economy and access to quality education and healthcare.

What is Ron DeSantis’s promise to Floridians if he is elected Governor?

Ron Desantis is a conservative Republican running for Governor of Florida in the 2018 election. He has made several promises to Floridians if he is elected, including reforming the state’s education system, cutting taxes, and creating jobs.
Desantis has also said that he will fight to keep oil and gas drilling in Florida’s coastal waters and combat the spread of opioid addiction.
If elected, Desantis would be the first governor in Florida’s history who is not a Democrat.


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